MEET THE TEAM – Dominic Rapsey

Dom’s working with us on a manufacturing project, driving shop floor improvements to increase capacity and provide the headroom to increase profitability. Like James, Dom runs his own company and we work in partnership.

How did you end up working with Reson8?

I was introduced to Dean a few years back through a mutual associate and spent some time supporting him to review some Lean/Operational Excellence work he’d been doing, as having just set up True North I was keen to build my network and make connections for future opportunities. I was very pleased that the opportunity came up this year to work properly with Dean and Reson8 with a manufacturing client and to further share some of our skills and experiences.

So you’re the Lean expert then?

My lockdown waistline would say otherwise, but yes! My background is in Six Sigma, Lean and Process Improvement having qualified as a Black Belt in 2005 at Centrica and building my career there in a number of transformational roles with a Lean and Process Improvement base. I set up True North in 2016 and have worked with a number of clients providing Lean and Process Improvement services.

What do you like about working with the Reson8 team?

I really enjoy the open and collaborative approach working with Reson8. It’s great to work with an organisation who is clear and transparent on its direction and future working opportunities.

What does a man like you do in his spare time?

I’m a busy father of 2 young children so most of my spare time is spent taking them to sports training or dance classes, but if I do have time I am an enthusiast runner (enjoyment over speed!) which also helps me enjoy my other passion of cooking and good wine.

What are you most excited about in the next year?

2020 has presented us all with many challenges and I think ways of working will never be the same again, however I’m looking forward to continuing to collaborate in new and innovate ways as well as well as returning to engaging more traditional face to face way. I think this will also present some new and exciting opportunities to work with new people and clients in 2021.