MEET THE TEAM – James Dickens

James runs his own company working in partnership with Reson8 to provide our clients with deep data analysis and dynamic dashboard creation. Never without his customary sense of humour, James and his team have become an integral part of ours.

How did you end up working with Reson8?

I was originally introduced to the Reson8 team by a mutual friend as a suitable person to help out on a particularly data heavy project. This was my first foray into the world of management consulting and was an extremely interesting area to get into. After setting up Performalytics in 2015 we predominantly support the eCommerce brands and business side of professional sports clubs, so it was great to see how our expertise can add further value to the great work the Reson8 team are doing with utilities companies.

So you’re the data expert then?

You could say that, I’ve now been working in analytics and data-led roles since the turn of the century when I first emerged out of university! My background was initially in the advertising industry as a marketing performance analyst for one of the big WPP agencies, MediaCom, before moving into data strategy for a regional media business. Throughout this time and with Performalytics, even though we are predominantly dealing with customer and transactional data which is very different to the data that Reson8 get their hands on, it’s helped us develop analysis techniques that are useful across a multitude of scenarios.

What do you like about working with the Reson8 team?

It’s always good to work with like-minded people and they do make me feel like one of the team and they are keen to help me grow my business as much as I can help grow theirs. I always find that the strongest working relationships are those where everyone has an open book policy and that’s very much the case here.

What does a man like you do in his spare time?

Spare time, what’s that??? Oh, that’s the time I’m ferrying kids around the county to football matches and swimming meets, parties and meeting friends. Although saying that, I wouldn’t swap if for the world! I’m a keen low and slow fire cook and thoroughly enjoy the craftmanship of slow cooking and smoking a massive cut of meat on the BBQ.

What are you most excited about in the next year?

From a personal perspective 2020 was a really good year, so we’re looking to continue to build on the hard work we’ve done and looking forward to being able to get involved in more projects with Reson8. Finally, I’m looking forward to less Teams, more face-to-face meetings…. it has been great for a while, but enough now.